Thursday, July 14, 2016

welcome { to the table }

the table
la table
la mesa
la tavola
der tisch
la sto
die tafel

No matter how you say it
 the table is a universal image
of connection, fellowship,
 blessing and giving thanks.
A place to rest, to dine, to write.

Go out to the roads and country lanes 
and compel them to come in, 
so that my house may be full.
Luke 14:23

There is a chair for everyone 
who would come to the King's table.

Seek while he may be found,
call upon him while he is near.
Isaiah 55

Sunday, July 3, 2016

{unseen} beauty

{unseen} beauty

In quietness and in trust shall be your strength.


Monday, March 16, 2015

fairy tales, pink tulle, ponies and truth

We have all heard these words:

"When I grow up, I want...

"I want to be a mommy."
"I want to live on a farm and have lots of white ponies!"
"I want..."

A little girl with young dreams.

Fairy tales of continuous delight with sunshine filled days
roaming fields of flowers in dresses of tulle and sparkles
and living happily ever afters...

Sharing a beautiful castle
 with prince charming
who, by the way, never has to shave 
but seems at least on the screen to always have a baby soft face
and of course, never, bad breath
filled with attention, love and never ending devotion
for his one and only priority, her, his princess.
The castle doesn't have clogged toilets, empty cupboards,  
cable tv, blaring radios or the internet to connect 
to the world outside the thickly cushioned walls.
And she never has PMS or any other ailment.
Well, except Sleeping Beauty, but, of course her issue with sleep
was cured by a kiss from a prince...
Pretty easy fix once he got there.

There is no dust.
Well, except fairy dust, 
whatever that is.
Please understand, I am not anti-Cinderella.
I LOVE the story of Cinderella, 
Beauty and the Beast,
Pinocchio and The Little Mermaid, etc
Adore them.
There are so many good things that I am reminded of
in each story.
Patience, forgiveness, 
the power of Love to break curses
and bring healing and restoration,
how other's word have the potential to 
 control me like the small wooden boy's strings
and how lies will always, always come out in the end...
Ursula... ugh.

But somewhere in the story I missed the daily realities
of chores, sickness and cleaning up after pooping ponies.
I grew up with ponies, believe me, they poop.
*disclaimer I just said poop on a pretty blog.  I'm so sorry if this offends, not my intention.  :]

Oh my!
 What did I learn as a child from an escape from reality childhood?
And then spend a chunk of a lifetime unlearning all of it.

I love beauty, order and all things lovely
but somehow I feel like I am promoting a fairy tale 
if I only speak of the icing on the cake.
In this blog, 
if I only share pretty photos and leave out
a dose of foundation truths that coincides with them
I feel like I'm flying around in the clouds with no landing gear.
Fluffy clouds.
Just fluffy clouds

Hope is beautiful.
Faith is believing it could be.
Love does conquer all.

Gotta go.
Dust is calling!
Thank God, no more ponies ;]

Have a blessed and really {for real} beautiful day! 


Sunday, January 11, 2015

{pure} clear, simple

{pure} clear, simple




{having purpose}





images: the web

Saturday, February 1, 2014

{corrected perspectives}

I thought I killed the librarian.

In my childhood town our school did not have a grade school library.

We had a bookmobile.

It looked something like this:

When it was book mobile time, three students were allowed to go out to the book mobile at a time. 

We had 10 minutes to pick out one or two books.

After scrolling through the titles of every book on the very limited bookshelves, I quickly picked up two books and went to wait in line to check out. I was the last of our class to visit the touring library until the next weekly stop.

When it was finally my turn, I set my two books down and waited for the librarian to stamp the cards with the due date and then I would sign my name and run back up the hill to class.

I was quite proud of my selection of books and couldn't wait to read them.

The young, proper and Jaquelin Onasis styled bookmobile librarian looked down at my books, opened the covers and...
She started to shake,  her eyes rolled back in her head,  her back arched and she started to fall out of her chair...  
 I stood breathless, horrified!  Helpless to not know what to do or how to help and worse, 
I thought it was something I did!   (a shy second grader)

Noticing his coworker rolling unconscious onto the floor, a gray-haired man calmly but very firmly said "Get out of the book mobile! Leave your books and exit immediately!" 

With confusion, I looked down at my books, glanced at the woman on the floor and then in a panic, tripped over my feet to find steps as I bolted out the door.

As soon as my fumbling feet touched the sidewalk, the big glass doors slammed shut and the gray haired man with wide eyed fury drove up over the hill and out of sight.

I slowly walked back up the hill to the old brick school house.

With no books in hand I went back to my classroom and sat quietly at my desk.

I sat with my head down staring at the top of my desk feeling deep shame that I caused the librarian to have such a reaction.

That's all.

That's it.

I don't remember the book mobile ever returning.

I thought I must have picked bad books that the librarian didn't like.

I concluded that when she saw my book choices, she didn't approve.

The Velveteen Rabbit? Dick and Jane, 1970?

And I thought I killed her.

And I thought that for a long long time.

I later learned that the librarian had a seizure and that she was just fine.  Whew!

And Grandpa later bought that bookmobile to use as a camper...  I think I had suppressed memories... all I remember is the easy cheese  and crackers he kept on a shelf that my cousins, siblings and I used to get into...


Wednesday, January 1, 2014

{beautiful new blank paper}

I love this time of year!  Perfect for rethinking what I'm doing and what I'm not doing!  Remembering last years goals and tweaking some of them.  And remembering a few unfinished dreams and asking myself the question, why not?

Happy New Year and may all the newness be yours that a fresh beginning can bring!

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Celebrating Lovliness

love-ly:  (luv' le)  full of love,
inspiring love or affection,
having beauty that appeals
 to the emotions as well as the eye,
enjoyable, delightful.
A quality that gives pleasure to the senses.

{Ballet by Emile Laurence}

{Timeless Garden Roses}

{Children, Sugar and Spice...}

{Cool Misty Mornings}

{Natural Beauty}

{Unique Creativity}

{Personal Tailored Style}

{Big and Little Celebrations}

{Expressions of Care and Value}

Have a beautiful, lovely weekend!


"... think about whatever is true, has honour,
 is right, is pure, and lovely, beautiful, commendable 
and has value or is excellent, think on these things."
Philippians 4:8

{Images: mine, flickr, pinterest and the web}

Saturday, March 9, 2013

A collection of inspirations...


Think about whatsoever is good,
true, lovely, pure,
good news.
If anything is praiseworthy ...
Think on such things.

Have a beautiful weekend.


Sunday, September 2, 2012

a weekend getaway

It's a perfect time of year to go to the farm...

{Sophie looks like this}

"Bye, Sophie."
We have to leave our little Sophie at home.
She gives me unsolicited 'accupuncture' 
when she rides in the car.

The kids are excited to see the horses,
a pet bull, and a miniature doberman
that stands about 6" tall. 
{thinks he's 6' tall}

We will visit, help Dad build fence and play.

There is a little shack on the farm
that was used for storage years and years ago
by the previous owners of the farmstead.
It holds housewares from the early 1900's
and other treasures.
Even a little farm house side table 
that I've been told
that I can bring home.

The most intriguing to me though,
is an old barn that will eventually be torn down.
{Oh, the possibilities!}

But what I look foreword to the most 
is seeing Dad.
He is usually feeding, plowing, planting, 
or just playing outdoors.
Sometimes I just take a picture of him
in his element.

Have a happy weekend.


{images I Found My Home and from me}

Monday, July 16, 2012



What adventures 
have you enjoyed
the most during your summer?

This little spot in London 
looks interesting to me.
and I love 
that it is named Alice's.
My sweet 
Grandmother's name
was Alice.

Happy Adventures!


Wednesday, June 13, 2012

pure vintage

Vintage by Nina

is the ultimate sophistication.
Albert Einstein 

 In thinking about these words
 of Mr. Einstein this morning,
I thought I'd take a minute and simply post the quote 
with a fittingly proper photograph.
A quick post and then move on with the morning, right?
In my search though, I came across a beautiful book 
that was being promoted in a recent giveaway
and want to take a minute and show you a few pages.

Vintage by Nina











Ahhh... love!

{Here's a map to her place:}
has all the information that you need
to find out more about this resource from Sweden.

Have a beautiful week!

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